Sofa Cushions & Covers Replacement

We offer a wide variety of cushions and covers to you.

Foam Cushions

Need to replace the foam in your seats or cushions? ZestSofa supply a wide variety of foam cushions of all shapes and sizes for your sofa or chair. Our foam cushions are cut to size to your specified dimensions. When ordering foam cushions we can offer you the perfect foam for your needs. We can offer booster pads as well for your cushions.

A professional service upholsterer will be sent out with your new foam cushions to fit them for you as well. You don't need to do any of the work, we do it for you. Replacement sofa cushions and covers are a cost effective way to bring comfort, style and life back into an old sofa or armchair.

It is certainly worth considering new foam cushions for your sofa if your current ones are lumpy and uncomfortable to sit on. Your new foam cushions will fit into your sofa or arm chair covers with ease and bring life back into your suite. We offer synthetic fibre cushions as well as foam cushions.

Cushion Covers

We have a wide variety of fabrics for reupholstering cushion covers as well as the rest of your furniture. We offer an onsite repair of any damaged cushion covers as well as offering replacement cushion covers with new interiors.